Concordia Lutheran Church

A Family of Christian Believers.
The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod is a family of 2.6
million Christians, gathered in more than 6,000 congregations
throughout the United States. Our church body was founded
more than 150 years ago by a small band of immigrants in
America who were dedicated to preaching and teaching the
Gospel of the forgiveness of sins through Christ alone.

Many of the founders of our Synod were from Missouri,
hence the word “Missouri” in our church’s name.
Our congregations are united in an association of
Christian fellowship called a “Synod, ”which means “walking
together.” Every congregation is self governed and unique.

We believe and teach the same Biblical truths, but our congregations
also reflect the diversity of the people we serve.
Some are located in rural areas, others in inner cities.
Some are large, others are very small.
Most use English, but some offer worship services in German,
Vietnamese, Spanish, Laotian, and other languages.
We are a family gathered from all nations, united in the
wonderful truth that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world